The Ancient Call

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Albany Records
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The Ancient Call


Iranian-American composer Reza Vali has a unique and very personal ethos in that his artistic output attempts to understand the dialogue between the ancients and the moderns. It addresses his conviction that what has been historically and artistically camouflaged can be revealed. Since 2000, Vali has been composing exclusively within the demanding palette of Persian polyphony. The works on this recording include a works for microtonal trumpet and orchestra; songs using Persian folksongs as their inspiration; a work originally written for Persian wind instruments and ensemble, scored for clarinet and ensemble here; and a work for Persian Ney, Kamanche, and orchestra.

"'Four Persian Folk Songs' by Reza Vali were exotic gems…The songs made up a balanced set - the plaintive chant wail of the voice over steady drip of piano in 'Rain', the lusty vocals over raucous motoric piano dance of 'Kurdish Folk Song', the haunting sadness of 'Lullaby', beautifully sustained, and the harsh mockery, shrill anger and untamed percussion of 'Folk Song from Luristan.'"

Review of Four Persian Folk Songs, The Buffalo News