POSTPONED: 70th Birthday Portrait Concert in New York City

Friday, October 28, 2022 - 7:00pm
New York, NY
Reza Vali: 70th Birthday Concert
This Portrait concert features three Decoda artists and celebrates Reza Vali's 70th Birthday, as part of a year of events and performances dedicated to Vali’s unique accomplishments and artistic identity. Dedicated to championing the work of living composers, Decoda has a particular history working with Vali, and brings forth an especially committed and informed interpretation of his distinct musical voice. This performance marks the premiere of a new version of Vali’s work ‘Mystery of the Rose’ for flute, cello and piano.

Song for Solo Flute 
Kord for Solo Cello: Calligraphy No. 9
The Mystery of the Rose (flute, cello, piano version)
Kismet: Calligraphy No. 7, Version for Solo Flute and Electronics 
Persian Folk Songs: Set No. 16C (cello, piano)
Folk Songs, Set No. 9 (flutes & cello (+ crystal glasses/percussion)



Catherine Gregory, flute
Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir, cello
David Kaplan, piano

As an artist-led collective, Decoda seeks to create a more compassionate and connected world through music – thoughtfully curating outstanding performances of live chamber music, facilitating creative community projects, and inspiring the next generation of musical artists to rethink and reimagine their role in society. 


Composer Reza Vali will mark retirement with a pair of Persian music concerts at Carnegie Mellon

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Nov 2, 2022

The rhythms of Persian traditional music defy Western music notation. They’re intricate and complex and give the music a fluid sense of motion.

Persian music is also mostly improvised, or made up on the spot, according to stylistic rules.

“In a way it comes closest to jazz,” said Reza Vali, an Iranian-American composer who writes traditional and cross-cultural music for chamber ensembles and orchestras like the Pittsburgh Symphony. He has also been recorded widely, most recently at the Smithsonian Museum, and has also published books on Persian traditional music.





Pittsburgh Post-Gazette