Calligraphies: Works for String Quartet

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Albany Records
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Calligraphies: Works for String Quartet

This recording by the renowned Cuarteto Latinoamericano presents significant contributions to the string quartet literature. The works on this disc are a departure from his earlier, experimental works of the 1980's. Here, the music reflects influences of Persian folk music. Of special interest are the three Calligraphies; the material is derived entirely from Persian traditional music. The tuning, rhythm, form, as well as polyphonic constructions relate to the Persian modal system, the Dastgah. This fascinating music, combined with the performances of the Cuarteto Latinoamericano, one of the major exponents of new music today, should have strong appeal to the modern music specialist as well as the world-music listener.

Western criticism considers Reza Vali as the “Persian Bartók”, given that he combines traditional work with modern compositional techniques, follows formal procedures and uses effective and enchanting rhythms.

Antonio Baldassarre and Tatjana Markovic, Music Cultures in Sounds, Word and Images